Hello world!

Some say taking the first step is the hardest thing to do. Well, here is my first step. I have had one heck of a year and it has left me needing a little inspiration. Often when I have five minutes of peace and quiet I turn to #Pinterest to find it. I love all the fantastic ideas that are shared everyday so I have decided to live the next year being inspired by Pinterest. Like most people I pin a lot and don’t do very much. In fact I just “did” my first pin and it was a huge success. I have just become a single mom of two very active boys and I am having to figure out how to make a life for the three of us. It is the perfect time to try new things, act outside of my comfort zone, and maybe inspire someone else along the way. So I am going to comment on or do one pin everyday. I am going to cook recipes, try hairstyles, travel when I can, live by inspiring quotes, read books, watch movies, experiment with fashion, and live everyday to the fullest. I hope you enjoy following me on my year living one pin at a time.