Day thirty…

Day thirty was just one of those days that goes down in the best day ever book. I went bridal dress shopping with my little sister which was surreal but amazing. It is hard to think she is even old enough to be getting married. She will always be my little sister but she is all grown up. Then I went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant that the Jerry Maguire restaurant scene was filmed. Tom Cruise creeps me out now but that is still one of my favorite movies ever. I topped the day off with a screening of Lincoln at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences movie theater with a panel after the movie. Can’t beat Steven Speilberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Tony Kushner, Sally Field, Daniel Day Lewis, and John Williams. The movie was wonderful. It was beautifully written and acted. Oh, and the music by John Williams wasn’t bad either. With all that happened during the day it is hard to pick a pin to attach it to. So, day thirty is dedicated to my board “the hollywood in me.”


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