Day eight…


These goodies have been posted more than once under different names and pins. My pin was called hocus pocus buns but the link to the recipe was blocked by #Pinterest. I looked the recipe up online myself and used it as a guideline. Specific measurements are not necessary but this is what you need…

-One can of refrigerated crescent rolls (I used the reduced fat ones)

-Melted butter

-Cinnamon sugar

-Large marshmallows

Heat the oven based on the directions on the crescent rolls. Unroll the crescent rolls and separate them. Dip one marshmallow in butter and then roll it in cinnamon sugar. Place in the middle of a crescent roll. Repeat until all crescent rolls are filled. Roll each one up over the marshmallow and pinch the sides closed. I didn’t end up doing this as well as I thought so they leaked a little while they baked. Made for a small mess on the baking sheet but didn’t change the taste or outcome. Once they were rolled up I also brushed them in butter and then rolled them in cinnamon sugar again. Bake them based on the directions for the crescent rolls.

Mine turned out great! My whole family loved them and we ate them all right away. My only word of advice is the filling gets very hot so be careful when you bite into them. The marshmallows really did melt and turned into a delicious cinnamon sugar caramel like sauce.

Here is the process in pictures…

Made but not baked…


One the baking sheet…

The inside…


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